Acupuncture is a safe and effective practice of inserting very thin needles in the body at strategic points in order to promote healing.  These sterile and very thin needles stimulate the nervous system to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, and release hormones in your body which bring about a sense of well being and provide for a suitable healing environment in the body.

In case of acute injury acupuncture helps calm down pain and inflammation and promotes healing on injured tissue.  In cases of chronic pain, acupuncture increases blood flow, and stimulates the nervous system to optimize the healing process.

Acupuncture at Sol Wellness Center, in Burbank CA is also used to treat a variety of other disorders such as fertility problems in both females and males, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, and mood disorders such as anxiety, stress.

Dr. T. Jimmy Kazandjian who is an experienced acupuncturist in Burbank CA often incorporates Chinese herbal medications or nutritional supplements to enhance the efficacy of acupuncture treatments.

What to expect:

The treatment process is mostly a very pleasant one and it is very safe with minimal if any side effects.  Patients  are generally laying is a dimly lit comfortable room with ambient music in the background to help you relax.  Once the needles are inserted, patients are left alone to listen to the music and relax for up to 20 minutes with a call button in hand just in case there is anything we can during treatment to maximize patients’ level of comfort.

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